Thursday, February 5, 2015

Open to offers on this equipment

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Load of Tested Working Equipment Ready all at address below ready to ship

425  Good Tested HP Laptops with adapters at --$32,000 -- or best offer

705  Good Tested Dell Systems at -- $11,000 -- or best offer

625  Good Tested LCD Monitors -- open to any  offers

2123 Good TestedDesktop Hard Drives -- open to any  offers

2300 Good TestedDesktop/Laptop/Server Memory Sticks --  open to any  offers

186 Asus Netbooks with webcams --  open to any  offers

1450 Black Keyboards take all $1500

5    Pallets of  Black Power Cords $1.50 a pound 

3    Pallets of  Lcd Monitor Bases  $3 each

Mike Roetzer
Wholesale Sales & Purchasing Manager
TBF Computing Inc.
1666 Roswell Road Buildings 400/500
Marietta,Ga U.SA.30062

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