Friday, February 13, 2015

Mixed lot of Fujitsu laptops

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I have a package of Fujitsu laptops sitting at my location I am looking to move.  These are all tested working and complete excep they are missing ac adapters.  Wear may include scratches, minor spots and  hair line cracks.  These are regular wear Laptops and are good wholesale quality.  Looking to move the entire Lot.
Quanity 243
Fujitsu S760 Ci5 2400 2048-4096mb/160gb hard drive/DWDRW/wifi/WEBCAM/Win7Pro COA $115
Quanity 124
Fujitsu 8280 C2D 2000-2260 2048mb/80-160gb hard drive/DVD-RW/wifi/WEBCAM $75
Quanity 125
Fujitsu S7110 C2D 2000 1024-2048mb/80-160gb hard drive/wifi/DVD-RW $65
Quanity 59
Fujitsu T2020 C2D 1200 1024-2048mb/80-120gb hard drive/wifi $45
Quanity 5
Fujitsu T4210 C2D 1660-2000 1024-2048mb/60-80gb hard drive/wifi/dvd-rw $45
Quanity 5
Fujitsu T5010 C2D 2400-2800 2048-4096mb/120-160gb hard drive/wifi/dvd-rw $75
Quanity 3
Fujitsu T900 Ci5 2400 2048mb/250gb hard drive/webcam/wifi/dvdrw $115
Quanity 4
Fujitsu T901 Ci5 2500 2048/250gb hard drive/webcam/wifi/dvdrw $115
We pack in 52 count custom laptop boxes. 

Peter Roberts
Hitech Assets Inc
401 N Portland Ave
OKC, Ok 73107

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