Monday, February 23, 2015

Daily Specials 02-23-2015

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pc lot looking for a take all offer 3563 units 150k take all or offer per line item

IBM M55 c2d 1.8ghz 2/80/DVD 416 units 

HP DC5800 c2d 3.0ghz 2/no hdd/Combo 376 units 

DELL Optiplex 760 c2d 2.8ghz 2/ no hdd/DVDRW 274 units 

Dell Optiplex 740 amd wx 2.0ghz 2/80/DVD 224 units 

IBM M57 c2d 2.0ghz 2/no hdd-80/DVD 206 units 

HP DC5700 c2d 1.8ghz 1-2/no hdd/Combo 172 units 

Dell Optiplex 780 cd 2.6ghz 2/no hdd/Combo 139 units 

IBM M58p c2d 2.6-3.1ghz 2-4/80-160/Combo 220 units 

HP DC5850 amdx 2.6ghz 4/160/Combo 98 units 

Dell Optiplex 745 c2d 1.8ghz 2/no hdd/DVD 93 units 
Sam McCowan MC Distributors Inc office 949-274-4387 ex 116

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