Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Daily Specials - 02-03-2015

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Laptop lots

2740p 2.5 2/160/dvdrw webcam qty 150pcs @ 175ea take all

e6420 2.5 2/160/dvd no ac qty 250pcs @ 155ea take all

e6410 2.4 2/160/dvd no ac qty 175pcs @ 120ea take all "as is tested working"

Core 2 duo lot 919pcs @ 72k take all email for list

i5 laptop lot 1195pcs @ 180k take all email for list

i7 lot 347pcs @ 90k take all email for list

Pentium mobile lot 331pcs @ 16k take all email for list

2500 hp 65 watt big tip ac adapters @ 8ea 

As is laptop lcd panels
Mostly 14" from e6400/d630 laptops

Lcd lines 475pcs 
Lcd bad images 156pcs
Cracked lcd's 1500pcs
Lcd with spots 254pcs

2385pcs total @ $7000 take all

t400 brand new lcd panels qty 500pcs @ 30ea take all

Laptop webcam and webcam bezels

e6400 webcams qty 6000pcs @ 5 ea or 3 ea take all
e6420 webcam qty 500pcs @ 10ea take all
e6410 webcams qty 500pcs @ 10ea take all

e6400 webcam bezels qty 873pcs @ 7ea
e6420 webcam bezels qty 378pcs @ 8ea 
e6410 webcam bezels qty 892pcs @ 7ea

Laptop optical drives

Optical drives


DVDRW 618 units @ $8

Combos 103 units @ $6

DVD 48 units @ $4


E6400, E6410 DVDRW 1450 units @ $12ea take all

E6400, E6410 Combo 419 units @ $10

E4300 DVDRW 275 units @ $12

E4300 DVD 175 units @ $7


DVDRW for 8440p, 6930p 133 units @ $10

Sam McCowan MC Distributors Inc office 949-274-4387 ex 116

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