Thursday, December 12, 2013

HP DC5700 Desktops C2D AND Pentium D

These are desktop units, 261 unit lot.

Some units missing hard drives, some units missing opticals, $30 each flat across the board.

Breakdown as follows.

060 DC5700-C2D-2.0-2GB-0 HDD-NO OPTI-XP
037 DC5700-C2D-2.0-2GB-0 HDD-DVD-XP
138 DC5700-PD-3.4-1GB-NO HDD-NO OPTI-XP
026 DC5700-PD-3.4-1GB-NO HDD-DVD-XP

$30 flat across the board, take ALL please.

Filmar Technologies | 14125 Simone Drive | Shelby Township , Mi 48315

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