Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dell LCD Monitors

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Having difficulty finding Dell LCDs? Here are four large lots with a full range of sizes, 17" to 20":

Qty 500 Dell  2009WT  20" widescreen LCD Monitors    

20-inch high-resolution widescreen monitor delivers 102% color gamut, a brilliant 2000:1 dynamic contrast ratio (typical) and lightning fast 5 ms response time (typical). That means wider, more accurate color representation, razor-like images and fluid motion. With simple height, swivel, tilt and pivot adjustments, the UltraSharp 2009W delivers custom comfort in most any setting. And the four conveniently located USB 2.0 ports offer flexible, hassle-free multi-media connection. Everything is clearer in HD - graphics, documents, video, even e-mail.   Tested working off lease in excellent condition
Minimum Purchase: 250
EXWORKS*: East Coast   
ProductID 4139    
@ $65 each

Qty 1680 Dell Mixed 19" LCD Monotors    

Many 1907-1908-e198w models; 
off lease grade minor wear and
tear major screen
issues; All units have standard
Dell stands; Tested working
with a 30 day warranty

Minimum Purchase: 560
EXWORKS*: East Coast    
ProductID 4143    
@ $55 each

Qty 200 Dell 1909WB and P190ST  LCD Monitors    

1909WB (WIDE) and P190ST (SQUARE)  Packed in BULK; 100% TESTED and CLEAN and ready for RETAIL; 

Minimum Purchase: Take All
EXWORKS*: Southeast    
ProductID 4145    
@ $46 each

Qty 1200 Dell 17" LCDs    


Minimum Purchase: 200
EXWORKS*: Southeast    
ProductID 4144    
@ $41 each

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8926 Farne Island Blvd
Knoxville TN 37923
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