Tuesday, December 17, 2013

MacBook Pro Laptops

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Here are two excellent lots of MacBook Pros, one a list of several new factory sealed lots:

Qty 142 Apple MacBook Pro Laptops

Qty 45pcs x Apple Macbook Pro 2.9GHz i7 16GB 1TB Hybrid SSD MD102LL/A @USD$1,095 pc     

Qty 28pcs x Apple Macbook PRO Retina 13" 4GB RAM 128GB Flash Core i5 ME864LL/A  @USD$850 pc   

Qty 19pcs x Apple Macbook PRO Retina 13" 8GB RAM 256GB Flash Core i5 ME865LL/A  @USD$915 pc  

Qty 18pcs x Apple MacBook Pro Retina 13.3" 8GB RAM 512GB  2.60 GHz - ME866LL/A @USD$950 pc  

Qty 17pcs x Apple MacBook Pro 15.4" 8GB RAM 256GB  i7 2.00 GHz   - ME293LL/A  @USD$1,150 pc

Qty 15pcs x Apple MacBook Pro  15.4 Retina Display Intel i7 3.00GHz 16GB 512GB -ME294LL/A @USD$1,930 pc  

All Apple new original factory sealed in box.

Minimum Purchase:  50
EXWORKS*: Midwest
Product ID 4160

Qty 50 Apple MacBook Pro Laptops

Qty 31 Core 2 Duo @ 2.2GHz, 15.4", 4GB RAM / 120GB Hard Drive (MA895LLA)
Qty 20 Core 2 Duo @ 2.16GHz, 15.4", 4GB RAM, 120GB Hard Drive (MA609LLA)
Qty 6 Core 2 Duo @ 2.4GHz, 15.4", 2GB RAM, 160GB Hard Drive (C00259)  tested working, mostly grade B condition and some grade C's (all lease quality)

Minimum Purchase: Take all
EXWORKS*: Northeast and West Coast
ProductID 4159
@ $375

Bonner G. Smith
8926 Farne Island Blvd
Knoxville TN 37923
(865) 212-4160 Office Phone

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