Monday, September 21, 2015

Open Letter to all that follow this blog

Open Letter,

I have received several questions regarding how we keep this website up and running.  This website is simply a Blogger blog which is free.  It does however require some time to get all of the posts formatted and posted.  I monetize the site in several ways:

1.  Google Ads.  If you do not have ad blocker you will see some interesting ads on the page.  We do not use popup ads.  Consider turning your ad blocker off for our website.
2.  We sell email blasts to our subscribers.  It is inexpensive and can generate some sales.  Here is more info

Basically thats it.  If you would like to keep seeing these posts buy an email blast.  If you are a vendor send us your inventory posts.  We offer free posts.  Just add our email address to your email blasts

Hope this helps answer this question.  If you have questions feel free to drop me a note at the above address.

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