Monday, September 28, 2015

Big lot of Mixed sizes - LCD Monitors

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LCD Good  Black 18-21 INCHES    WITH BASES    239
LCD Good  Black 22-25 INCHES     WITH BASES    14
LCD Good  Black  26     INCHES         WITH BASES    3
LCD Good  Black Dell    USFF 17-19 INCHES  WITH BASES    2
LCD Good  Black  MIXED BRANDS 17 INCHES        WITH BASES    127
LCD Good  Black  MIXED BRANDS 17   INCHES           NO BASES    18
LCD Good  Black 18-21     INCHES         NO BASES    24

tested working each one labeled packed face to face cardboard in middle
All units are
Off-lease, tested, and complete as listed
Guaranteed complete as represented with normal use wear
30 Day Warranty
Mike Roetzer Procurement Director TBF Computing Inc. 1666 Roswell Road Building 400/500 Marietta Ga.30062 off. 770-977-2925 ext. 202

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