Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lot of Desktop, Laptop, and Server Memory

Lot of Desktop, Laptop, and Server Memory

Desktop Memory
(16) Kingston KVR16N11S6/2 2GB PC3-12800 Brand New Sealed
(3) Mix Brand 1GB PC2-5300U
(1) Samsung 1GB PC2-6400U
(8) Mix Brand 1GB DDR PC3200
Laptop Memory
(1) Samsung 2GB PC2-6400S
(3) Samsung 2GB PC3-8500S
(14) Mix Brand 2GB PC3-10600S
(8) Mix Brand 1GB PC2-5300S
(2) Mix Brand 1GB PC2-6400S
Server Memory
(1) Crucial 2GB DDR2-5300 ECC
(6) Mix Brand 2GB DDR2-3200 ECC
(4) Mix Brand 2GB DDR ECC
(13) Nanya 2GB PC2-5300F ECC w/ Heat Shields
(2) Mix Brand 2GB PC3-10600E ECC
All memory is tested working and they are all MAJOR brands

Please send all offers, I would like to see all at one time preferably.


Philadelphia, PA 19120
(267) 721-0171

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