Monday, July 8, 2013

Mixed Lots - Laptops IBM, Dell & HP

Lots 50 pcs of laptops - Various Brand and Models in C2D CD PM in Excellent Condition

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1pc IBM PM R51E ------------------------ 1.6ghz 1GB 40GB 
2pc IBM A31 P4     ------------------------ 1.6ghz 1GB 40GB
1pc IBM T30 PM    ------------------------  2.4ghz 1GB 60GB
1pc IBM T40 PM    ------------------------  1.5ghz 1GB 40GB 
1pc IBM T42 PM    ------------------------   1.7ghz 1GB 40GB 
2pc IBM T43 PM    ------------------------   2.0ghz 1.5GB 30GB 
1pc IBM R51 PM    ------------------------   1.6ghz 2GB 60GB 
1pc IBM R51 PM     ------------------------  1.7ghz 1.25GB 60GB 
1pc IBM R52 PM    ------------------------- 1.73ghz 1GB 30GB 
1pc Compaq 2200 Celeron M -----------  1.3ghz 1GB 20GB 
1pc HP ZT3000 PM ------------------------  1.6ghz 1.25GB 40GB 
1pc Dell D800     ------------------------  1.86ghz 1GB 60GB
1pc Dell D505     ------------------------  1.4ghz 1GB 40GB
6pc Dell D600/610 ---------------------- 1.73ghz 1GB 60GB
1pc Dell Inspiron 600m Centrino ----- 1.6ghz 1GB 80GB

10pcs IBM Lenovo T60 ------------------ Core Duo 1.83-2.0gHz
3pcs Dell Latitude D620 ---------------- Core Duo 1.66gHz
2pcs Dell Latitude D630 ---------------- Core 2 Duo 2.0gHz
5pcs HP 6710b ---------------------------  Core 2 Duo 2.0gHz 
6pcs Dell D630 -------------------------Core 2 Duo 2.0ghz
1pc Dell Latitude D520 Centrino Duo - Core Duo 1.83ghz
1pc Dell Latitude D830 --------------- Core 2 Duo 2.0ghz

Here is more than 50 pcs of laptops with Core Duo, Core 2 Duo & Single Core Laptops.
All come with Charger and Battery and Full Working Condition.
All Loaded With Win 7 Home Premium

Minimum purchase of 25pcs.
Core Duo - $125Core 2 Duo - $130Pentium Mobile - $75

DMF Electronics Co.
Max Fong

Tel:     347-866-6837 

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