Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Daily Deals - 07-23-2013


lot of 1200 laptops @ 118k take all - email for spreadsheet

E4310 webcam i5 2.4 4/250/DVDRW QTY 225PCS @ 200EA NO AC take all
E6400 C2D 2.2-2.5 1/120/DVD/ NO AC TESTED WORKING OFFLEASE lcd issue spot/scratch/inverter issue QTY 300PCS @ 95EA TAKE ALL

xt 2 touchscreen tablet C2D 1.6 2/120 QTY 100pcs @ 125EA
M4400 2.5/2/160/DVDRW QTY 63PCS @ 160EA
M6300/M90 C2D 2.0 2/80/dvdrw QTY 60PCS @ 115EA 6530B C2DNO CPU NO MEM/no hdd no batt no ac (50% with webcam) QTY 211PCS @ 50EA ATG D630 C2D 1.8 2/120/dvdrw QTY 17PCS @ 145EA ATG E6400 C2D 2.4 2/120/dvdrw QTY 35PCS @ 150EA Centrino laptops PM 1.6-512/20/dvd no ac QTY 200PCS @ 55A
M6400 i7/C2D 2.5 4/500/dvdrw QTY 70PCS @ 195EA take all XFR D630 C2D 1.8 2/120/dvdrw QTY 21PCS @ 140EA XFR E6400 C2D 2.4 2/120/dvdrw QTY 6PCS @ 175EA xt 1 tablet as is Incomplete for parts C2D QTY 30pcs @ 60EA
d531 2.0 amd 2/80/dvd QTY 35pcs @ @ 120ea
g4 power books C2D as is for parts QTY 32PCS @ 40ea
p4 laptops P4 1.8 1/60/dvd QTY 40PCS @ 50ea hp C2D laptops 1.8 1/60/DVD QTY 41PCS @ 140ea dell C2D laptops 1.8 1/60/DVD QTY 80PCS @ 125ea

Dell pulled batteries qty 3000pcs @ 8 ea take all Dell laptop motherboards qty 2000pcs @ 20ea take all
30000 laptop wifi cards @ 1.50 ea take all Dell da 2 ac adapters 500pcs @ 4.50 ea TAKE ALL

e6400 top lids resprayed qty 500pcs @ 14ea
e6400 palmrests resprayed qty 500pcs @ 14ea
e6400 bottom frames qty 500pcs @ 10ea

e6400 batteries dell original qty 500pcs @ 16.50ea

e6400 dvd qty 1000pcs @ 6ea
e6400 dvdrw qty 1000pcs @ 16ea

6930p lcd panels qty 200pcs @ 55ea

d630 combo drives 1000pcs @ 8ea
d630 dvdrw drives 1000pcs @ 10ea

IBM AC adapters 92p1020 qty 1500pcs @ 6 ea

Apple ac adapter dongle cables qty 1200pcs @ 2.50 ea

Sam McCowan
MC Distributors Inc
office 949-274-4387 ex 116

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