Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Need a take all buyer for this equipment

Looking for take all offer with or without crt monitors

20 foot container without crt
40 foot container with crt

1600       ps2 black keyboard mixed brand                                                             
1000       usb black keyboard mixed brand                                             
6500       black usb mouse, mixed brands, half dell
3600       black ps2 mouse, mixed brands
3200       white mouse, mostly ps2, very little usb,
3000 lb -power cords                                                                                                     
1600 lb -db15 vga male male                                                                                                     
2000 lb -mixed computer wire  
45           black 14/15" crt most dell                                                                                                           
252         black 17" crt most dell                                                                                                  
24           black 19/21" crt most dell                                                                                                           
270         white 17" crt mixed brands                                                                                        
300         2 pallets non dell lcd bases                                                        
300         2 pallets dell lcd bases 

Thank You
Mike Roetzer
Wholesale Sales & Purchasing Manager
TBF Computing Inc.
1666 Roswell Road Buildings 400 & 500
Marietta, Georgia U.SA. 30062
35,000 Square Foot Facility
770-977-2925 Office ext. 202

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