Saturday, September 29, 2012

Need Offers on this Lot of Systems

We are looking for offers on the following lot of equipment:

Qty 400 Dell Optiplex GX755 SFF systems and Qty 100 Dell Optiplex GX745 SFF systems.
Qty 500 Dell 17'' flat panel LCD monitor with speaker bar, USB keyboard and mouse, power cords, monitor cables and DVI splitter cables

Optiplex GX755's have 160GB SATA Hard Drive 1GB RAM or 2GB RAM (200 of the GX755's have 1GB RAM, 200 have 2GB RAM). The GX755 is capable of up to 8GB RAM Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor Windows Vista Operating System CD/DVD Drive DVI Splitter Cable (for dual monitor capability)
Optiplex GX745's have 160GB SATA Hard Drive 1GB RAM (capable of up to 8GB RAM) Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor Operating System CD/DVD Drive

Henni Keely
Senior Sales Executive
Motor City Computer
1610 E.Highwood Dr.
Pontiac, MI 48340

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