Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mixed lot of HP Systems

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Looking to move the following lot HP computers. Please contact me with any interest.

130 pcs HP 8000 ELITE CORE 2 DUO 3.16/4096/160/DVD/MT/Win 7 Pro $75

100 pcs HP 8000 ELITE CORE 2 DUO 3.16/4096/160/DVD/SFF/Win 7 Pro $75

45 pcs  HP 6005 PRO AMD THLON II X 2 B22 2.8/4096/160/DVDRW/win 7 pro SFF $60

20 PCS  HP 6200 PRO INTEL CORE i5 3.1/8192/500/DVDRW/SFF/Win 7 Pro $250.

Thank You,
Neil Rodrigues
Coretek Enterprises LLC.
290B International Drive
Concord, N.C. 28027

704-792-2221 Main

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