Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Daily Specials - 03-17-2015

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e6410 2.4 2/160/dvd+ no ac qty 275pcs @ 120ea take all – email for list

d630 / 8440p lot email for list

425pc @ 115ea take all
HP Slate 2 (PN A6M62AA)
INTEL ATOM 1.5 / 2GB / 64GB / 8.9”/No OS
Cost $100 (Try and sell for $125
400pc AC adapter
230pc Stylus pens

e6400 2.2g 2/160/dvdrw webcam no ac security tag qty 1800pcs @ 85ea take all

i7 laptop lot 151pcs  28k email for list

i5 laptop lot 842pcs @ 122k take all email for list

c2d laptop lot 1529pcs @ 109k take all email for list

1600pcs 4gb ddr3 so dimms @ 26ea mixed majors

1680 mixed pc lot email for list

Sam McCowan MC Distributors Inc office 949-274-4387 ex 116

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