Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Dell motherboards and parts

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Dell# Description Condidtion QTy.
M5DCD Optiplex 390 Motherboard Tested 60
RF703 Optiplex 745 Motherboard Ref 250
HX555 Optiplex 755 Motherboard Tested 100
200DY Optiplex 780 Motherboard Tested 250
C27VV Optiplex 780 Motherboard Ref 250
PU052 Optiplex GX755 SFF Motherboard Ref 500
87TXF  Vostro 1014 Motherboard Ref 50
DA-2  Pwer Adaprter for  745SFF Ref 800
We get a new Dell partner with everything regarding Dell parts at excellent prices.
Please call or email with requirements for Dell Parts.

Steve Contreras
International I.T. Asset Sales
Oceanside, CA

(O) 760-994-4766 

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