Monday, October 13, 2014

Mixed lots of Dell Lowend Latitude laptops

Looking to move the following Dell laptops located in our NC facility. Please contact me with any interest.

Ø  QTY 88 DELL E5400 C2D 2.26/80GB/2GB/DVDRW/14” WIDE SCREEN   $105

Ø  QTY 85 DELL E6400 C2D 2.4+/80GB/2GB/DVDRW/14” WIDE SCREEN 80% HAVE WEB CAMS $130

Ø  QTY 300 DELL E5500 C2D

Ø  QTY 100 DELL D520 C2D 1.66/80/2GB/DVDRW/14.1” $60

Ø  QTY 27 DELL D531 AMD DUAL CORE/2000/80/2048/DVDRW/14” WIDE $60

Ø  QTY 50 DELL D630 C2D 1.8-2.2/80GB/2GB/DVDRW/14” $75

Ø  QTY 30 DELL D620 CORE DUO-C2D 1.6-1.8/80GB/2GB/COMBO $65  

Thank You,
Neil Rodrigues
Coretek Enterprises LLC.
290B International Drive
Concord, N.C. 28027

704-792-2221 Main

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