Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Best offers on these hp systems

Qty 200+ Dell Optiplex GX620 P4 2.8 GHz to PD 2.8 GHz Towers and Desktops with 512-2.0/80/DVD or better (many have ink/scratches on case and missing COA's) starting at $20 each
Qty 21-HP 8000 Elite C2D 3.0 GHz SFF with 1.0-4.0 (majority have 4.0 gig)/250/Combo or DVDRW for $130 each

Qty 90-HP DC5100 P4 3.0 GHz SFF with 1.0-3.0/80/NO CD for $25 each OBO

Qty 35-HP DC5700 Dual Core 1.6 GHz desktops with 512-1.0/80/DVD for $33 each OBO

Qty 29-HP DC5700 P4 3.2 GHz desktops with 512/80/DVD for $32 each OBO

Qty 54-HP DC5750 Dual Core AMD 2.0 GHz desktops with 1.0/80/DVDRW for $34 each OBO

Qty 75-HP DC5750 AMD 2.4 GHz desktops with 1.0-4.0/80/DVD, Combo or DVDRW for $24 each OBO

Qty 21-HP DC5800 Dual Core 2.0 GHz Towers with 2.0/250/DVDRW for $36 each

Qty 71-HP DC7900 C2D 3.0 GHz USFF with 2.0-4.0/80/DVDRW (majority do not have adapters) for $65 each OBO

Qty 65-HP DX5150 Dual Core AMD 2.0 GHz SFF with 1.0-2.0/80/DVDRW or Combo for $30 each OBO
Please let me know if you would like a detailed spreadsheet.


Henni Keely
Senior Sales Executive
Motor City Computer
1610 E.Highwood Dr.
Pontiac, MI 48340

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