Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lot of Fujitsu Sony AC adapters

Talk about margin! These Fujitsu Sony AC Adapters are offered on Amazon for $48.

Qty 1000 Fujitsu Sony CAO10070670 AC Adapters

Fujitsu Sony CA01007-0600, CA01007-0660, CA01007-0670 Charger, Power Cord;  This Fujitsu Sony charger (16v, 3.75a, 60W) is interchangeable with any Fujitsu Sony charger requiring 60W or less, as long as the voltage matches. The charger can be used worldwide, CA01007-0670 Used working pulls with a 30 day warranty

Minimum Purchase: 500
EXWORKS*: Midwest
ProductID 4546
@ $6 each
Bonner G. Smith
8926 Farne Island Blvd
Knoxville TN 37923
(865) 212-4160 Office Phone

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