Thursday, June 12, 2014

Generic Quad Core systems

WTS 300 QUAD CORE AMD Opteron 2347



Generic IU chassis 

these servers are 8 proc servers (2 x Opteron 2347 Quad core Chips)

Most of servers have 1 gig DDR2 5300 ECC RAM  1gig X 8 sticks  a hand full have 2 gig DDR2 667 rej ECC 2gig X 4 sticks. 

The power supply  modal number is PS-1S400EP 400 w.  2 chips AMD Opteron 0st347wal4bge. 

taking any reasonable take all offer

Thank you,

Mike Roetzer
Wholesale Sales & Purchasing Manager
TBF Computing Inc.
1666 Roswell Road Buildings 400/50
Marietta,Ga U.SA.30062

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