Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lot of 100 Laptops missing parts - Mixed Brands

QTY 100 Laptops Missing Parts
Dell, HP, IBM/Lenovo, Sony, Acer
Mix of Core2Duo, CoreDuo, Pentium M
Missing Hard Drive, Caddy, AC Adapter
Asking $2500 or Best Offer
Units are in stock and ready to ship 
We are open to any and all REASONABLE offers!




Please call us at 978.965.2728 with any questions

About these laptops: Laptops are tested to boot to BIOS. Some notes have been made for each unit but are limited.   
UnitMakeModelPowerDisplayCPURamOptical DriveBatteryGradeNotes
1HP6910pYY2.2GHz C2D T75001GBCD-RW/DVD Multi RecorderYA
2HPnc6400YBroken Screen

DVD-ROMYDMissing Left Arrow Key, Screen Is Broken-cant read specs
3HPnc6400YY1.8GHz C2D T56001GBDVD-ROMYA
4HP6910pYN Won't Display
NoneDVD-ROMYCMachine will not display, cannot see specs
5HPnc6400YN Won't Display
NoneCD-RW/DVD Multi RecorderYDDent on cover, Machine will not display, cannot see specs
6HP6910pYY1.8GHz C2D T71001GBCD-RW/DVD Multi RecorderYBScratches on cover that go through paint
7HP6910pYY2.2GHz C2D T75001GBCD-RW/DVD Multi RecorderYA
8HP6910pYY2.0GHz C2D T73001GBCD-RW/DVD Multi RecorderYBBase Cracked On Left Side
9HPnc6400YY1.8GHz C2D T56001GBCD-RW/DVD Multi RecorderYBMissing Keyboard Screws On Bottom
10HP6910pYY2.2GHz C2D T75001GBCD-RW/DVD Multi RecorderYA/BDeep Scratch On Cover
11HPnc6400YY1.83GHz CD T24001GBDVD-ROMYBMissing Up Arrow Key
12HP6910pYY2.0GHz C2D T73001GBCD-RW/DVD Multi RecorderYA/BScratches On Cover
13HPnc6400YY1.8GHz C2D t56001GBCD-RW/DVD Multi RecorderYA
14HP6910pYY1.8GHz C2D T71001 GBCD-RW/DVD Multi RecorderYCCracked Cover
15HP6910pYN Won't Display
NoneCD-RW/DVD Multi RecorderYDCracked Bezel, Missing Keyboard Clip, Machine will not display, cannot see specs
16HP6910pYN Won't Display
NoneCD-RW/DVD Multi RecorderNDNo Battery, Machine will no display, cannot see specs
17HPnc6400YY Screen Lines1.8GHz CD T24001GBDVD-ROMNDSevere screen lines, Missing Keyboard Screws
18HPnc6400YY Screen LinesBios Locked Can't See1GBDVD-ROMYCCan't see CPU Specs, BIOS Locked, missing Keyboard Screws
19HPnc6400YY Screen Lines2.0GHz C2D T72001GBCD-RW/DVD Multi RecorderYCScreen lines appear when LCD screen is twisted
20HP8710pYY2.1GHz C2D T81001GBCD-RW/DVD Multi RecorderYA
21HP6710bYY1.8GHz C2D T71001GBCD-RW/DVD Multi RecorderYA/BRAM Cover Screw Missing
22HP6720tYY1.06GHz Intel Celeron512MBDVD-ROMYBScreen Spot on Bottom Left Corner
23HP6510bYY Broken ScreenCan't SeeNoneCD-RW/DVD Multi RecorderYDScreen is Completely Broken, Cannot See Specs
24HP8510pYY2.0GHz C2D T73001GBDVD-ROMYCMany Missing Keys
25HP6510bYY2.1GHz C2D T81001GBCD-RW/DVD Multi RecorderYA
26HPnc6320YY1.8GHz C2D T56001GBCD-RW/DVD Multi RecorderYA
27HP6710bYY Small Screen Line2.0GHz C2D T73001GBDVD-ROMYBSmall Screen Line in Center Of Screen
28HPnc4400YY2.0GHz C2D T72001GBNo Optical DriveYA
29HPnc6320YY2.0GHz C2D T72001GBCD-RW/DVDYA
30HP6710bYY2.0GHz C2D T73001GBCD-RW/DVDYA
31HPnc6120YY1.86GHz Intel Pentium512MBDVD-ROMYA
32DellLatitude D530YY1.5GHz C2D512MBCD-ROMYA/BMissing Harddrive Caddy Screws
33DellLatitude D520YY1.6GHz Intel Celeron1GBCD-ROMYCMissing Enter Key, Scratches on Cover, Caddy Screws Missing
34DellLatitude D505YY1.6GHz Pentium M512MBDVD-ROMYA
35DellLatitude D505YY1.5GHz Pentium M512MBCD-RWNBMissing Battery
36DellLatitude D505YY1.7GHz Pentium M1GBDVD-ROMYA
37DellLatitude D505YY1.5GHz Pentium M512MBDVD-ROMYCMissing ESC Key, Cracked Base
38DellLatitude D505YY1.5GHz Pentium M512MBCD-ROMNB/CMissing Battery, Scratches on Cover
39DellLatitude D505YN Won't DisplayCan't SeeNoneDVD-ROMNDMachine Won't Display, Missing Battery
40DellLatitude D810YY1.86GHz Pentium M1GBDVD-ROMYA
41DellLatitude 120LYN Won't DisplayCan't SeeNoneDVD-ROMYDMissing RAM Cover and Harddrive Cover, Won't Display
42DellInspiron 8600YY1.5GHz Pentium M1GBCD-RW/DVDYA/BMinor Base Chipping
43DellInspiron B130YY1.5GHz Celeron M1GBDVD-ROMYCMissing RAM Cover and Harddrive Cover
44DellInspiron B130YN Won't DisplayCan't SeeNoneCD-ROMYDMissing Powerbar, Missing Harddrive and RAM Cover, Won't Display
45DellInspiron 8600YY1.4GHz Pentium M512MBDVD-ROMYBATi Radeon 9600 Series Video, 1 Bad USB
46DellLatitude D800YY2.0GHz Pentium M1GBDVD-ROMYA
47DellLatitude D800YY Screen Lines1.8GHz Pentium M1GBDVD-ROMYBNVIDIA GeForce FX5650
48DellInspiron 1150NN Won't DisplayCan't SeeNoneDVD-ROMYCWon't Take Power or Display
49DellInspiron 9100YY2.8GHz Pentium 4 HTNoneNoneYAATi Radeon 9700 128MB Graphics
50DellInspiron 6400YN Won't DisplayCan't SeeNoneCD-RW/DVDYDWon't Display, Missing Keys
51DellInspiron 9300YY Screen Lines1.6GHz Pentium M1GBCD-RW/DVDYCMultiple Screen Lines
52AcerTravelMate 4220NNCan't SeeNoneCD/DVD Multi RecorderYDWon't Take Power or Display
53AcerAspire 5610zYY1.6GHz CD1GBCD/DVD Multi RecorderYCLoose Hinges, Craked Cover
54GatewayM465-EYN Won't DisplayCan't SeeNoneDVD-ROMYDWon't Display, Deep Scratches on Cover
55AcerTravelMate 4220

CD/DVD Multi RecorderYDNo Power Adaptor
56AcerTravelMate 4220

CD/DVD Multi RecorderYDNo Power Adaptor
57HPnc6220YY1.73GHz Pentium MNoneDVD-ROMYA
58GatewayW730-K8XYY2.2GHz AMD Anthlon 64 Processor 3400+1GBDVD-ROMYA
59ToshibaSatllite A135YYCan't See1GBCD-RW/DVDYBCan't See CPU Specs in BIOS
60HPnc6000YY1.6GHz Pentium M768MBCD-RWYA
61HPPavilion ze5600YY2.3GHz Pentium 4703MBDVD-ROMYCBroken Base, Missing Caddy
62DellInspiron 2200YY1.4GHz Celeron M512MBNoneYBMissing Optical Drive
63IBMThinkpad T42YY Broken ScreenCan't SeeNoneCD-RW/DVD-ROMYDBroken Screen, Screen Lines, Missing Caddy
64IBMThinkpad T41YY1.6GHz Pentium M512MBCD-RW/DVD-ROMYA
65IBMThinkpad T42YY1.7GHz Pentium M1GBCD-RW/DVD-ROMYCMissing Caddy, Broken Bezel
66IBMThinkpad T41YY1.6GHz Pentium M1GBDVD-ROMYCMissing Caddy, Broken Base
67IBMThinkpad T41YNCan't SeeNoneCD-RW/DVD-ROMYDWon't Display, Missing Caddy
68IBMThinkpad T41YY1.6GHz Pentium M512MBCD-RW/DVD-ROMYA
69HPnx9030YNCan't SeeNoneDVD-ROMYDBroken Base, Won't Display
70HPnx9030YY1.5GHz Pentium R1GBDVD-ROMYBOptical Drive Face Missing
71SonyPCG-3A4LNNNA0DVD-ROMYDBad power connector
72Averatec2300NN1.6GHz AMD Turion0DVD+/-RWYDDoes not turn on
73FujitsuN3530NNNA0DVDNDDoes not turn on
74SonyPCG-5G3LNNNA0DVDYDDoes not turn on
75SonyPCG-6J2LYY1.8GHz C2D T24001GBDVDNC
76SonyPCG-9Y3LNNNA0DVDNDDoes not turn on
77AcerZB2NNNA0DVDYDDoes not turn on
78AcerZB2NNNA0DVDNDDoes not turn on
79DellD600NNNA0NANDDoes not turn on and missing parts
80DellD600NNNA0DVDYDDoes not turn on
81DellD410YNNA0DVDYDNo display
82DellD420NNNA0NANDDoes not turn on
83DellD420YNNA0NANDScreen cracked
84DellD430YY1.33GHz C2D1GBDVDYB
85DellD820YY1.66GHz C2D1GBDVD/CD-RW ComboYB
86DellD820YY1.66GHz C2D1GBDVD/CD-RW ComboYB
87DellD820YY1.66GHz C2D1GBDVD/CD-RW ComboYB
88DellD820YY1.66GHz C2D1GBDVD/CD-RW ComboYB
89DellD820YY1.66GHz C2D1GBDVD/CD-RW ComboYB
90DellD820YY1.66GHz C2D1GBDVD/CD-RW ComboYB
91DellD820YY1.66GHz C2D1GBDVD/CD-RW ComboYBDead Headphone Port
92DellD820YY1.66GHz C2D1GBDVD/CD-RW ComboYB
93DellD820YY1.66Ghz C2D1GBDVD/CD-RW ComboYB
94DellD830YY1.80GHz C2D1GBDVD/CD-RW ComboNCScreen has red tint
95DellD830NN1.66GHz C2D0DVD/CD-RW ComboNDDoes not turn on
96DellD830NN1.66GHz0DVD/CD-RW ComboND
97DellD830YY2,20GHz C2D1GBDVD/CD-RW ComboNB
98DellD830NN1.66GHz C2D0DVD/CD-RW ComboNDScreen cracked
99DellD830NN1.66GHz C2D0DVD/CD-RW ComboNDScreen cracked
100DellD820YY1.66GHz C2D1GBDVD/CD-RW ComboNB

Laptops are in used condition and some have cosmetic issues. Some units may not power on or have broken screens. These units are sold AS-IS. Do not come with Hard drive, Hard Drive Caddy or AC Adapter. Some units may be missing small parts such as RAM Covers, keys, small plastic parts.   
Buyer responsible for freight shipping or local pick-up.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us @ 978-965-2728.

Thank you,

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