Monday, January 20, 2014

Container load - PC, Laptops and LCDs

Here's a 40ft container lot
that can supply a retail store with a balanced mix of
laptops, systems, and LCDs:

Qty 1696 Laptops, Systems, Servers and LCDs

Qty 35 Dell D620, D630, E4300, E6400 Laptops

Qty 9 Dell  Latitude D620

Qty  15 Dell Latitude D630 Laptops

Qty 1 Dell Latitued D820 Laptop

Qty 1 Dell Latitude E-4300

Qty 6 Dell Latitude E-6400

Qty 764 Mixed PC Systems

Qty 356 Dell SFF, Desktops and Towers Systems

Qty 252 IBM ThinkCenter USFF, SFF, and Desktop Systems

Qty 138 HP SFF, Desktops and Tower Systems

Qty 18 Generic PC's Tower Systems

Qty 16 Servers Dell, HP and Dell

Qty 369 Mixed 15”-23” LCD Monitors

Qty 59 15" Grade A LCDs
Qty 17” 143 Grade A  LCDs
Qty 7 17” Grade B LCDs
Qty 150 19” Grade A LCDs
Qty 19 20-24” Grade A LCDs.

Qty 528 Repairable Systems and LCDs

Qty 244 Bootable Grade C Systems
Qty 284 Defective, Mostly Repairable LCDs

Minimum Purchase: Take all
EXWORKS*: Midwest
ProductID 4173
 @ $44,300/Lot

Order Container

Bonner G. Smith
8926 Farne Island Blvd
Knoxville TN 37923
(865) 212-4160 Office Phone

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