Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2 lots HP 6900 series laptops

QTY 113 HP 6910p Intel Core2Duo 1.8-2.4GHz / 1024-2048MB / 80-200GB / COMBO+ / WiFi with A/C Adapters @ $140.00

QTY 111 HP 6930p Intel Core2Duo 2.26-2.6GHz / 1024-4096MB / 80-200GB / DVD+ / WiFi with A/C Adapter @ $180.00

Operating Systems are not installed as these hard drives have been wiped. Batteries are included. We do not test laptop batteries, therefore we cannot guarantee the life of the batteries.

Thank You,
Justin Grochowsky
Internet Sales Associate
HiTech Assets, Inc.
Voice: (405) 604-4872 x243

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