Saturday, December 15, 2012

Laptops, LCDs, PCs Available BLOW OUT SALE

We have the following available. All equipment power on tested. Guaranteed complete as represented with no more than normal wear. 30 day power on warranty.  Please contact me for any other details you may need.

QTY 400+ Pentium M Laptops Available $60ea (no hd $45ea)
QTY 92 HP NC6400 Laptops CDuo-C2Duo 1.8+/1024/60+/DVD+ $120ea

QTY 500+ ELO 15" Touchscreen Monitors Grade A $75ea
QTY 100+ Microtouch 17" Touchscreen Monitors Grade A $90ea
QTY 375+ LCD Monitors 17" Grade A Black $25ea
QTY 180+ LCD Monitors 17" Grade C (no stand or no pwr supply) $15ea
QTY 450+ LCD Monitors 19" Grade A Black $35ea
QTY 100+ LCD Monitors 19" Grade B Black $25ea
QTY 180+ LCD Monitors 19" Grade C (no stand or no pwr supply) $20ea

QTY 138 Dell Optiplex 755 PD 1.8+/1024/80/Combo (mixed cases) $50ea
QTY 200 HP D530 P4 2.4-2.8ghz/512/40/CD+ $25ea
QTY 175 HP DC5000 P4 2.8ghz/512/40/CD+ $30ea
QTY 132 HP DC5700 C2Duo 1.86/1024/80/Combo $50ea
QTY 200+ HP DC5750 AMD2X 2.0ghz/1024/80/DVD+ $55ea
QTY 200+ HP DC7100 P4 3.0ghz/512/40/DVD SFF $30ea
QTY 130 HP DC7700 C2Duo 2.4ghz/0/0/DVD SFF $50ea
QTY 260 HP DC7700 CeleronD 3.4ghz/512/80/Combo SFF $40ea
QTY 300 HP DC7800 Celeron 2.0/512/40/Combo $25ea

Best regards,
Philip Fritch
Sales Manager
Hitech-Assets Inc.
401 N. Portland Ave.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73107
405-604-4872  ext 232

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