Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Deal of the day - 10-2-2012

LAPTOPS tested working 45 day doa warranty

D520 1.6 1/40/DVD QTY 100PCS @ 115EA
D530 1.6 1/40/DVD QTY 100PCS @ 120EA
D420 1.2 1/60 QTY 50PCS @ 100EA
D430 C2D 1.3G 1/60 QTY 35PCS @ 125EA
D531 AMD CD 2.0G 2/80/DVDRW QTY 75PCS @ 135EA

E4310 i5 WEBCAM 2.4ghz 2/250/dvdrw qty 125pcs @ 300ea
E6410 i3 2.2G 2/160/dvdrw qty 50pcs @ 280ea

E6400 C2D 2.4G 1/160/DVD QTY 800PCS @ 175EA
E6500 C2D 2.2G 2/160/combo qty 100pcs @ 200ea
E5400 C2D 2.0G 2/160/combo qty 85pcs @ 200ea
E5500 C2D 2.0G 2/160/combo qty 65pcs @ 200ea
E4300 2.4G 1/160/DVDRW QTY 100PCS @ 225EA

6910P C2D 1.8G 1/60/dvd QTY 100PCS @ 120ea
NC6400 C2D 1.8 1/60/dvd QTY 200PCS @ 120ea 6930P C2D 2.5 2/160/DVDRW QTY 60PCS @ 215ea

Sam McCowan
MC Distributors Inc
office 949-274-4387 ex 101

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