Friday, April 20, 2012

Great New in box networking equipment -Make offer

TBF Computing, Inc has the following in stock for immediate shipment.

TX200 Configuration

1 PY TX200S5f/LFF/Hotplug PSU (S26361-K1266-V201)
1 Intel Xeon E5520 4C/8T 2.26 GHz 8 MB (S26361-F3279-E226)
1 Performance Mode Installation (S26361-F3284-E2)
1 SP 6GB 3x2 DDR3-1066 PC3-8500 rg ECC (S26361-F3284-E533)
1 DVD-RW supermulti 1.6" SATA (S26361-F3267-E2)
2 HD SAS 3G 146GB 15K HOT PLUG 3.5" EP (S26361-F3291-E514)
1 RAID 5/6 SAS based on LSI MegaRAID 256MB (S26361-F3257-E256)
1 RAID Contr BBU Upgrade for RAID 5/6 V55 (S26361-F3257-E155)
1 Eth Ctrl 1x1Gbit PCIe CT Desktop Cu (S26361-F3516-E1)
1 KBPC PX USA professional keyboard (S26381-K340-E110)
1 iRMC S2 advanced pack (S26361-F1790-E241)
1 Cable powercord (USA), 1.8m, grey (T26139-Y1742-E10)

BRAND NEW IN SEALED BOXES!  Packed 4 to a pallet.



Geoff Coggins
Wholesale Sales

TBF Computing, Inc.
1666 Roswell Road Building 400
Marietta, GA 30062

770-977-2925 ext 307

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