Saturday, February 25, 2012

Laptop Memory Cheap

We have following memory to sell today:
Pls. let us know if interested:

Laptop DDR1 Memory:

128MB PC2100/2700/3200 SODIMM--qty 700 --$1.25each
512MB PC2100/2700/3200 SODIMM--qty 130 --$7 each
 1GB  PC2100/2700/3200 SODIMM--qty 40--$18 each

Laptop DDR3 Memory:
1GB DDR3 SODIMM--qty 4--$4 each
2GB DDR3 SODIMM--qty 30--$12 each

Laptop SDRAM Memory:
256MB SoDIMM PC100/133--qty 400 -$5 each
512MB SoDIMM PC100/133--qty 25 -$15 each

Parmod Jain
PN California Inc.  
9262 1/2 Hall Road
Downey, CA 90241  
Ph: 562-866-8581


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