Friday, January 6, 2012

WTB: Hard Drives all kinds

Recyclers and tear down people,

Hard drives are one of our main commodities. We buy from asset recovery and refurb centers. I need them in lots of 300 or more. Each lot will vary in value so no target prices can be given - sorry. Send me your lists with prices. No new distribution product please.

I can take the following:
40gb sata
80gb IDE
80gb sata
120gb ide
160gb ide
160gb sata
250gb ide
250gb sata
320gb ide
400gb ide
400gb sata
500gb sata
500gb ide
640gb sata
760gb sata
1tb sata

20gb ide
30gb ide
40gb ide
40gb sata
60gb sata
60gb ide
80gb ide
80gb sata
160gb sata
250gb sata
320gb sata
400gb sata
500gb sata
1TB sata

146gb and above

Thank you for your time.

Respectfully, Scott Patton

941-209-4442 x 202 

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