Monday, December 26, 2011

Week in Review: 12/19 - 23 2011

Well for a Christmas week, we had a lot of activity on the post this past week.  Popular posts included the Dell Laptops under $100.  We continued our 'Want to Buy' posts but only had a couple of companies under that category.  Here are the top posts that received the most traffic:

$50 P4 Laptops
Huge Lot of all kinds of Computer equipment
These little TV's were popular
Some SATA hard drives for sale
This post showed up previously but is still popular
IBM Thinkpad Laptops for Bid
These Dell Latitude E6400 Laptops got alot of hits
The only printer post to get any traffic
Blackberry Playbook extremely popular
$100 Dell Latitude Laptops Wow

The coming week is the last full week of the year.  I expect to see a lot of equipment coming up for sale.  End of year sales and companies trying to reduce their inventory loads.  We should see some great deals coming this week.

Another additional addition to my posts to this blog has been the links to information regarding the laptops that are on the posts.  I try to find laptop reviews and information from the manufacturers that you can use to make informed buying decisions.

I hope everyone is ending 2011 with a bang and that 2012 brings great success to everyone.

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